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Anthologies and Primary Sources

Edmund S. Morgan The Founding of Massachusetts
1964, Bobbs. Merril Company, NY 479p    
Reims BUL*; CUL
Edmund S. Morgan Puritan Political Ideas
1965, Indianapolis, Bobbs Merril 404p    
Reims BUL*; 
Edmund S. Morgan The Puritan Family
1966, Harper TorchBooks (1st ed. 1944)      
Cergy Pontoise BUDL*; Créteil P12; CUL
Nathaniel B. Shurtleff, ed. Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England 1628-1686
1853-54, William White, Boston, 5 Vols in 6 (whatever this means!)      
BL (shelfmark: 9551.k.10.)
(Alexander Young, Ed.?) The Company's Records [i.e. the Records of the Governor and Company of the Massachusetts Bay in New England 1629, 1630]. In. Young (Alexander) Chronicles of the First Planters, etc. 1846. 8o.      
BL (Shelfmark 9604.d.11.)
Francis Calley Gray Remarks on the early laws of Massachusetts Bay with the Code adopted in the year 1641, and called the body of liberties. Now first printed. Boston [Mass.], 1843. 8o.      
BL (shelfmark
John Noble & John F. Cronin, eds. Records of the Court of Assistants of the Colony of 
the Massachusetts Bay 1630-1692
Rockwell & Churchill Press: Boston [Mass.], 1901, 1908., 3 Vols.      
BL (shelfmark 9616.g.5.) 
W.H. Whitmore ed. The Colonial Laws of Massachusetts
A bibliographical sketch of the laws of the Massachusetts Colony from 1630 to 1686. In which are included the Body of Liberties of 1641, and the records of the Court of Assistants, 1641-1644, arranged to accompany the reprints of the laws of 1660 and of 1672)
Boston: Rockwell & Churchill, City Printers, 1890. xliii,: ill, facsims MICROFILM of a copy in Harvard University Library. Issued by Harvard University Library Microreproduction Department, 1982. 1 reel. 35mm
BL (shelfmark Mic.A.9009; Mic.A.9704)  
Max Farrand ed. The Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts
The Laws and Liberties of Massachusetts. Reprinted from the copy of the 1648 edition in the Henry E. Huntington Library. With an introduction by Max Farrand [and facsimiles])
Harvard University Press: Cambridge, 1929. fol.      
BNF Tolbiac - Rez-de-jardin - magasin; FOL- PB- 6660 support imprimé - Notice n° : FRBNF32092943
BL (shelfmarks
W.P.9803/1. & 8155.h.32.)


The General Laws and Liberties of the Massachusetts Colony: revised and reprinted by order of the General Court holden at Boston, May 15th, 1672. Cambridge, 1672. fol.
Cambridge, New England, 1675. fol.
BL (shelfmarks: C.40.k.5. and ASM.78)
Perry Miller & ? Johnson The Puritans (2 Vols)
Charles V (Paris VII); CUL 
William Bradford (Ed: Francis Murphy) Of Plymouth Plantation 1620-1647 1981, NY, Modern Library 385p    
Poitiers, Dep. Hist.*; Charles V (Paris VII), dont une édition par S.E. Morison; 
Emerson, Everett Ed. Letters from New England - the Massachusetts Bay Colony 1629 - 1638
University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, 1976  263p    0-87023-209-6
Avignon BUL*; CUL 
Richard S. Dunn & Laetitia Yeandle eds. The Journal of John Winthrop 1630-1649 
1996, Belknap Press, Cambridge Mass.  799p (unabridged)
354p (abr.)
  0-674-48425-8 (Un)
0-674-48426-6 (abr.)
0-674-48427-4 (abr)
 Montpellier3BUL*; BS BlU Centrale*; BNF Tolbiac RdJ (unabridged); Nanterre P10 (abridged)
Andrew Del Banco and Alan Heimert, eds. The Puritans in America, A Narrative Anthology
1985, Harvard UP (repr. 1996) 438p    0-674-74065-3
 Paris3 BU*; Bordeaux3 Talence; Orléans BU Affaires Générales et BUL*; St Denis P8*; Charles V Paris VII; 

Monographs on Early New England
(General, Social, Religious, Intellectual History , and even dated classics!)

Virginia DeJohn Anderson New England's Generation: The Great Migration and the Formation of Society and Culture in the Seventeenth Century
1991, Cambridge UP, NY 232p   0-521-40506-8
Bordeaux3 Talence*; BS BIU centrale*; CUL
William E. Barton Congregational Creeds and Covenants
1917, Chicago      
Bernard Baylin The New England Merchants in the XVIIth Century
?, Harper and Row      
Sacvan Bercovitch The Puritans Origins of the American Self
1975, Yale UP, New Haven 250p   0-300-01754-5
KCL; Brest BUL*; Chambéry Lettres*; Reims BUL*; Strasbourg BNUS*; Charles V Paris VII; CUL
Breen T.H Puritans and Adventurers: Change and Persistence in Early America
Oxford University Press, Oxford and New York, 1980 270p   0-19-503207-1
Caen BUDL; Lyon3 Manufacture Lettres; Paris Musée de l'Homme; BS ClU Centrale; Rennes 2 BUL Sc Soc.; Strasbourg BNUS*; BNF Tolbiac RdJ; CUL
Timothy H. Breen The Character of the Good Ruler
1970 301p   0-300-01186-5
Lille3*; Lyon SICD LSH*; Montpellier3 BUL*; St Denis BU P8*; CUL
J. Gaer & B. Siegel The Puritan Heritage: America's Roots in the Bible
1964, Mentor Books, NY  256p    
 Strasbourg BNUS*;
Stephen Foster The Long Argument: English Puritanism and the Shaping of New England Culture 1550-1700
1991, Chapel Hill 395p   0-8078-1951-4
KCL; Bordeaux3 Talence*; Montpellier3 BUL*; BS BIU Centrale*; BNF; CUL
David D. Hall Worlds of wonder, days of judgment : popular religious belief in early New England 1989, NY, A.A. Knopf 316p   0-394-50108-X
Aix-Mars BUL; Bordeaux3 Talence; BS Centrale*
George D. Langdon Jr. Pilgrim Colony, A History of New Plymouth 1620-1691
1966, Yale U.P., New Haven (réed 1974, 1995)  257p    
Bordeaux3 Talence*; Charles V Paris VII
Lockridge Kenneth A New England Town: The First Hundred Years 1636-1736
Yale UP., New Haven + Norton, NY, 1970  208p   0-393-09884-2 
Lille3 BU*; Reims*; St Denis BU P8*; Charles V Paris VII; CUL
Jean-Pierre Martin Le Puritanisme américain en Nouvelle-Angleterre 1620-1693 1989, Bordeaux, Presses Universitaires de Bordeaux 260p   2-86781-083-3
Perry Miller The New England Mind: The Seventeenth Centuty
1961 (1954), Beacon Press, Boston 528p   0-674-61306-6
Montpellier (Fac Théol. Prot, 2Vols)*; Mulhouse BUL*; Avignon BUL*; Orléans BUL*; Charles V Paris VII; CUL
Perry Miller The New England Mind: From Colony to Province 1967 (1953) Camb. Mass.; Harvard UP 513p    
Nice*; Mulhouse BUL*; Charles V Paris VII; CUL
Miller, Perry Errand Into The Wilderness
Harper TorchBooks, New York, 1956  244p   réed 1984: 0-674-26155-0
 Brest BUL*; Lille3*; Reims BUL*; Montpellier Fac. Theol. Prot.*; Chambéry 80 Droit/BUL*; St Denis P8*
Perry Miller Orthodoxy in Massachusetts
1970, Harper TorchBooks, NY (1st ed. 1933) (réed. 1965, Gloucester, Peter Smith) 319p      
 Toulouse BUL*; Nanterre P10*; Reims BUL*; Toulouse 2 BUL*;
Morgan, Edmund S The Puritan Dilemma - The Story Of John Winthrop
Harper Collins Publishers, 1958  224p   0-673-39347-X 
Rennes 2*; St Denis P8 *; Charles V Paris VII; 
Morgan, Edmund S Visible Saints - The History of a Puritan Idea
Cornell University Press, New York 1963  159p   0-8014-9041-3 
St Denis P8*; Toulouse 2 BUL*; Tours CESR*
Morison, Samuel Eliot Builders Of The Bay Colony
Sentry Editions, Boston, 3rd Edition 1958; 1981  405p   0-930350-23-5
(réed 1981) 
Aix-Mars BUL*; Avignon BUL*
James G. Moseley John Winthrop's World: History as a Story; The Story as History
1992, Madison, Univ of Wisconsin Press  192p   0-299-13530-6
 Lille3*; BS ClU Centrale*; CUL
Vernon L. Parrington Main Currents in American Thought (Vol. I)
1930; 1954 420p     
Nice BULSH*; Mulhouse; Brest BUL; Reims BUL*; P4 BU Clignancourt*; Limoges BULSH*; Paris3 BU et Paris 3 BU Monde Anglophone*; Villetaneuse BU Droit-Lettres*, Nice BULSH*; St Denis P8*; Avignon BUL; Grenoble2/3; Lille3 BUL*; Paris 9 BU Gestion Eco*; Charles V Paris VII; 
Ralph Barton Perry Puritanism and Democracy
1944, Vanguard Press, NY 735p (fr.)
688p (ang.)
Anglais: Chambéry 80 Droit BUL*; Lille2 Droit Gestion*; Toulouse2 BUL*; BNF
Traduit en français (Puritanisme et Démocratie)  Avignon*, Lille 2&3*, Limoges BU Droit*; Mulhouse BUSIM*, Nice BULSH*, Paris CUJAS BU Droit*, Paris Musée de l'Homme*; Poitiers Univ Dep Hist
Robert G. Pope The Halway Covenant
1969, Princeton U.P.      
Lee Schweninger John Winthrop 1990, Boston, Twaine 144p   0-8057-7547-1
Lyon SICD LSH*; BNF Tolbiac RdJ
Alan Simpson Puritanism in Old and New England
1955, Phoenix Books, Univ. of Chicago Press 126p   0-226-75929-6
Aix-Mars BUL*; Lille3 BU*; Toulouse2 BUL*; CUL
Roger Thompson Mobility and Migration: East Anglian Founders of New England 1629-1640
1994, Amherst, Univ of Mass. Press 305p   0-87023-893-0
BS BIU Centrale*; CUL
Clarence L. Ver Steeg The Formative Years 1607-1763
1964, Hill and Wang, NY  342p   0-299-13530-6
 Avignon BUL*; Reims BUL*; Nanterre P10*; Toulouse2 BUL*; CUL
Williston Walker A History of Congregational Churches in the US
1960 (reed) Pilgrim Press, Boston; 1991
Orig. 1894
636p (91)
604p (60)
451p (1894)
Aix-Mars BUL* (91); Bordeaux3 Talence* (60); Montpellier Fac Théol. Prot.* (1894)
Thomas Jefferson Wertenbaker The Puritan Oligarchy
1947, Charles Scribner's Sons, NY; 1970 359p     
Le Mans BUL *; Charles V Paris VII; 
Avihu Zakai Theocracy in Massachusetts: reformation and separation in early Puritan New England 1994; Lewiston, Mellen UP 432p   0-7734-9970-9

Legal and Judicial History (Old and New England)

George A. Bilias Law and Authority in Colonial America
1965, Barre Publ., Barre, Mass.      
J.S. Cockburn, ed. Crime in England
1977, London  364p    
BS ClU Centrale*; CUL
George Lee Haskins Law and Authority in Early Massachusetts
1960, NY (1985, Lanham, NY, University Press of America) 298p   0-8191-4373-1
Bordeaux 3 Talence*; Paris CUJAS BU Droit*; CUL
Ralph Houlbrooke Church Courts and People during the English Reformation
1979 Oxford 304p   0-19-821876-1 
Aix-Mars1 BUL*; Caen BUDL*; Clermont FD BULSH*; Dijon BUDL*; Grenoble2/3 BUD*; Lille3 BU*; Lyon SICD LSH*; Montpellier3 BUL*; Paris BSG*; BS BIU Centrale*; Poitiers BUDL*; Rennes2 BUL*; Toulouse1 BU Arsenal*; CUL
Ingram, Martin Church Courts, Sex and Marriage in  England, 1570-1640
Past and Present Publications, Cambridge UP, 1987 412p   0-521-38655-1 
P4 BU Clignancourt*; BS BIU Centrale*; Tours CESR*; Tours BUL*; CUL
McManus, Edgar J. Law and Liberty in Early New 
England: Criminal Justice and Due Process 1620-1692
University of Massachusetts Press, Amherst, 1993 279p   0-87023-824-8
BS BIU Centrale*; CUL
J.A. Sharpe Crime in Early Modern England 1550-1750
1999 (2nd ed.) Longman (1st ed. 1984) 230p    0-582-48994-6 
Avignon BUL*; Orléans BUL*; Tours BUL*; KCL; CUL

"Old" England - Society, theReformation and Puritanism, from the late Middle Ages

Margaret Aston Lollards and Reformers: Images and Literacy in 
Late Medieval Religion
1984; London, Hambledon Press 355p    0-907628-03-6
Lille3 BU*; Poitiers BUDL*; Reims BUL*; Tours CESR*; CUL
Michael Bush The English Aristocracy: a Comparative Synthesis
1984, Manchester Univ. Press 248p   0-7190-1081-0
Caen, BUDL*; Lyon SICD LSH*; CUL
Charles Lloyd Cohen God's Caress: The Psychology of Puritan Religious Experience
1986, NY      
Patrick Collinson The Elizabethan Puritan Movement
1967 Berkeley, Univ. of Calif. Press;
1971, London, Jonathan Cape;
1982, NY, Methuen;
1991, Oxford, Clarendon Press
527p    0-19-822298-X (1991)
KCL; Brest-BUL*; Strasbourg BNUS*; Lille3 BU*; Caen BUDL*; Limoges BUL*; P4 Clignancourt*; Tours CESR*; CUL
Patrick Collinson Godly People: essays on English protestantism and puritanism
1983; London, Hambledon Press 589p    0-907628-15-X
Dijon BUDL*; BS BIU Centrale*; BNF; CUL
A.G. Dickens The English Reformation 
1973, Fontana, London (1st impr. 1964)
1968, NY, Schocken Books
2nd ed: 1989, London, BT Batsford
511p (2nd ed: 461p)   0-00-633064-9 (73)
0-8052-0177-7 (68)
0-7134-3669-7 (89) 
1st ed: Strasbourg BNUS*; Tours BUL*; Bordeaux3 Talence*; Lille3 BU*; CUL
2nd ed: Bordeaux3 Talence*; BS CIU Centrale*; P4 BU Clignancourt*; Strasbourg BNUS*
Anthony Fletcher & John Stevenson eds. Order and Disorder in Early Modern England
1985, Cambridge, Eng.      
Anthony J. Fletcher Gender, Sex and Subordination in England: 1500-1800 1995, New Haven, London, Yale UP 442p   0-300-06531-0
Dijon BUDL*; Nancy BUL*; BS BIU Centrale*; Rennes 2 BUL Sc. Soc.*
Christopher Hill Society and Puritanism in Pre-revolutionary England
1991 Penguin Books (1st ed 1964 London, Secker and Warburg)
(1969, London, Panther)
452p (512p 1969)   0-436-20326-X
0-586-02888-9 (69)
Valenciennes BU Sc. Lettres*; Mulhouse BUL*; Nice BULSH*; Rennes2 Bibl. Anglais*; Tours CESR*; Bordeaux3 SCD Bibl. Elie Vinet*; Brest BUL*; Chambéry 80 BUDL*; P3 BUFR Lettres Monde Anglophone*; Reims BUL*; Toulouse2 BUL*; Metz BUL*; Lille3BU*; Bordeaux3 Talence*; BNF; CUL
Christopher Hill The World Turned Upside Down: Radical Ideas During the English Revolution
repr. 1978 Pelican Books (1st ed. 1972 NY, Viking Press; 73, London, Temple Smith)
1987, Harmondsworth, Penguin Books
1991, NY & London, Penguin
353p (430p, 1987)   0-670-78975-5 (72)
0-8511-7025-0 (73, 87)
0-14-013732-7 (91)
0-14-055147-6 (87)
Lyon SICD LSH*; Dijon BUDL*; Rennes2 BUL*; Lille3BU*; Lyon 1 BU Santé*; Nice BU LSH*; Tours CESR*; Bordeaux3 SCD Bib. Elie Vinet (1987)*; Valenciennes BU Sciences Lettres*; Toulouse2 BUL*; Clermond FD BU LSH*; CUL
William Hunt The Puritan Moment: the Coming of the Revolution in an English County
1983, Harvard UP 365p    0-674-73903-5 
Joel Hurstfield Elizabethan People: State and Society
1972, London, Arnold; 1978 168p    0-7131-5643-0 
Villetaneuse BUDL*; P8 St Denis BU*; Metz BUL*; Rennes2 Bibl. Angl.*; Tours CESR*;
Peter Laslett The World We Have Lost - Further Explored
(Un Monde que nous avons perdu)
1983, 1988, 2000 (repr., 3rd ed), Routledge (1st ed. 1965)
(2nd ed. 1971,73)
Trad. fr. 
1965: 280p
1983: 352p
2000: 376p 
(1971, 73: 325p) 
Trad: 1969: 296p
  0-416-08390-0 (71)
0-415-02975-9 (83)
0-415-22833-6 (00)
Lille3 BU*; P4 BU Clignacourt*; Villetaneuse BUDL (1973!) 
1983: Bordeaux3 Talence (BUL + BUFR Angl.)*; St Denis BU P8*; CUL (1988)
trad: Amiens, BUL*; Bordeaux2 BU Sci. Homme/Odontol.*; Brest BUL*; Grenoble 2/3 BUL*; Le Mans BUL*; Lille1 BU*; Lille3 BU*; Limoges BUFR LSH*; Metz BUL*; Mulhouse BUL*; Nancy2 BUL*; Nanterre BU P10*; Orsay BU Sci. P11*; Paris Musée Homme*; BS BIU Centrale*; P3 BU*; P4 BU Clignancourt*; P5 BU Sci. Soc. Sorbonne*; Perpignan BUDL*; Poitiers BUDL*; Reims BUL*; Rennes2 Bibl. Angl.*; Sceaux BUD P11*; St Denis BU P8*; Tours BUL*; Tours CESR*; Villetaneuse BUDL*
Christopher Morris Political Thought 
in England from Tyndale to Hooker
1953 Oxford UP
Lille3 BU*; Paris CUJAS BUD*; Tours CESR*; Chambéry 80 Droit BUL*; Strasbourg BNUS*; CUL
Joan Simon Education and Society in Tudor England
1966, 1967 (rev. ed.) Cambridge, Eng. CUP 452p    0-521-22854-9 
Bordeaux3 SCD Bib. Elie Vinet*; Limoges BUFR LSH*; Poitiers Univ-Dép. Hist.*; Rennes2 Bibl. Anglais*; Toulouse2 BUL*; Tours BUL*; Brest BUL*; Chambéry 80 BUDL*; CUL
Lawrence Stone Social Change and Revolution in England 1540-1640
1970, 73, 77, 80, Longman (1st impr. 1965) 186p    0-582-31348-1 
AixMars BUL*; Nanterre BU P10*; Toulouse2 BUL*; Brest BUL*; Limoges BUFR LSH*; Tours BUL*; Metz BUL*; Chambéry 80 BUDL*; Lille3 BU*; Reims BUL*; Rennes2 Bibl. Angl.*; Tours CESR*; St Denis BU P8*; CUL
Lawrence Stone The Crisis of the Aristocracy 1558-1641
1966, 67, Abrgd ed., Oxford, 71 Abr.: 363p 
Unab.: 841p
   0-19-500274-1 (abr.)
Abr.: Limoges BUFR LSH*; Villetaneuse BUDL*; Caen BUDL*; P4 BU Clignancourt*; Poitiers Univ-Dép. Hist.*; Tours BUL*; CUL
Unabr: Brest BUL*; Lille3 BU*; Mulhouse BUL*; Nanterre BU P10*; Paris CUJAS BUD*; Reims BUL*; Rennes2 C. Rech. Soc. Rurales trad. (???)*; St Denis BU P8*; Toulouse2 BUL*
Lawrence Stone An Open Elite? England 1540-1880
1984, 86, 95 (abr), Oxford, OUP 320p (abridged)
566p (unabridged)
   0-19-285149-7 (abr.)
0-19-820607-0 (95)
0-19-822645-4 (una)
Montpellier3 BUL*; Rennes2 Bibl. Angl.*; Le Mans BUL* (abridged)
Toulouse2 BUL*; Lille3 BU*; Metz BUL*; BS BIU Centrale*; P3 BU*; St Denis BU P8*; Tours BUL* (unabridged!)
Dewey D. Wallace Jr. Puritans and Predestination: Grace in English Protestant Theology, 1525-1695
1982, Chapel Hill, University of North Carolina Press 289p    0-8078-1499-7
Lille3 BU*; CUL
Dewey D. Wallace Jr., Ed. The Spirituality of the later English Puritans: an Anthology
1987, Macon Ga., Mercer University Press 246p    0-86554-275-9
St Etienne BUDL Eco Huma.*
Keith Wrightson English Society 1580-1680
1982, London, Hutchinson;
1990, London, unwin Hyman;
1992, New Brunswick, Rutgers UP; 
1998, London, Routledge
264p    0-09-145170-1 (82)
0-09-145171-X (82)
0-04-445788-X (90)
0-8135-1082-1 (92)
0-8135-0951-3 (92)
0-415-09915-3 (98)
Lyon2/BRON BU*; Paris BSG*; Villetaneuse BUDL*; Dijon BUDL*; Lyon SICD LSH*; BS BIU Centrale*; P4 Clignancourt*; Rennes2 Bibl. Anglais*; Avignon BUL*; Brest BUL*; Lille3 BU*; Paris BUFR Monde Anglophone*; Poitiers Univ. Dép. Hist.*; CUL
Joyce Youings The Pelican Social History of Sixteenth Century England
1984, 86, 91 Harmondsworth, Penguin 444p    0-14-022231-6 (86)
0-14-013820-X (91) 
P4 BU Clignancourt*; Paris Cité Univ.*; BS CIU Centrale*; Brest BUL*; CUL

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