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English Reformation
[list adapted from the Internet Modern History Source Book]


Scottish Reformation
[list adapted from the Internet Modern History Source Book]


The Tyndale Society: one of the earliest English reformers and translators of the Bible. The Links page is particularly interesting.

An article on Tyndale in French

The English Versions of the Bible (at, with among others:

John Wyclif;
William Tyndale;
Coverdale's Bible
Matthew's Bible
Taverner's Bible
The Great Bible
The Geneva Bible
The Bishops' Bible;
The Rheims-Douai Bible
The King James Bible

The English Bible before King James
, by Cleland Boyd McAfee;
English Versions
, by F.G. Kenyon

English Bible Versions: an outstanding links page also at with download sites, online texts, articles on different aspects of translating the Bible, controversies etc.

John Colet
Catholic Encyclopedia article about an eminent man who influenced the English reformers.

Lollards and Lollardy:

  • Lollards
    Catholic Encyclopedia article about this early reformation movement in England.
  • John Wyclif
    Catholic Encyclopedia article about the early reformer and scholar. See also: John Wycliffe (1324-1384)
  • The Lollard Society
    An organisation "to provide a forum for those interested in the study of Lollardy and the religious culture of the later Middle Ages in England."
  • Lollard Themes in the Reformation: Theology of William Tyndale
    Details of book by Donald Smeeton, 1986
  • The Twelve Conclusions of the Lollards
    The summary of Lollard assertions written in 1396-97 for Richard II. Presented at Parliament and posted in central London. Fascinating. A must-read for anyone who wants to understand the roots of the Reformation in England. [comments by the Tyndale Society]

Images of Tudor England and people

A great Reformation Timeline



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